The diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blood diseases (hematology) and cancer (oncology) and research into them. Hematology-oncology includes such diseases as iron deficiency anemia, hemophilia, sickle cell disease, the thalassemias, leukemias and lymphomas, as well as cancers of other organs. Abbreviated hem-onc.

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  • Hematoma

    A localized swelling that is filled with blood caused by a break in the wall of a blood vessel. The breakage may be spontaneous, as in the case of an aneurysm, or caused by trauma. The blood is usually clotted or partially clotted, and it exists within an organ or in a soft tissue space, […]

  • Hematoma, epidural

    drilling through the skull to drain the excess blood.

  • Hematoma, intracerebral

    A hematoma within the brain itself. Diagnosis is usually made by CT or MRI scan. Treatment involves surgery.

  • Hematoma, extradural

    A hematoma (a collection of blood) within the cranium (skull). The bleed may or may not be within the brain itself. See Epidural hematoma; Subdural hematoma; Intracranial hematoma.

  • Hematoma, subcutaneous

    A hematoma beneath the skin.

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