A combining form used before a consonant to indicate a relationship to a hepatic duct or the liver. From the Greek hepar meaning liver.

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  • Hepatitis

    Inflammation of the liver, irrespective of the cause. Hepatitis is caused by a number of conditions, including drug toxicity, immune diseases, and viruses.

  • Hepatitis A

    15-50 days) until symptoms appear. Hepatitis A can range greatly in severity. Some persons with hepatitis A virus infection have no signs or symptoms of the disease. Older persons are more likely to have symptoms than children. In its most dire form, the disease can lead to liver failure and death. This is relatively rare. […]

  • Hepatitis A immunization

    Havrix and Vaqta) are commercially available in the US. Both are highly effective and provide protection even after one dose. Two doses are recommended for adults, and three doses are recommended for children under 18 years of age to provide prolonged protection.

  • Hepatitis B

    Inflammation of the liver due to the hepatitis B virus (HBV), once thought to be passed only through blood products. It is now known that hepatitis B can also be transmitted via needle sticks, body piercing and tattooing using un sterilized instruments, the dialysis process, sexual and even less intimate close contact, and childbirth. Symptoms […]

  • Hepatitis B immunization

    Hepatitis B (hep B) vaccine gives prolonged protection, but 3 shots over a half year are usually required. In the U.S., all infants receive hep B vaccine. Two vaccines (Energix-B, and Recombivax-HB) are available in the US. The first dose of hep B vaccine is frequently given while the newborn is in the hospital or […]

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