Abnormally strong memory of the past. As compared to hypomnesia and amnesia. From hyper- + the Greek mneme, memory.

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  • Hypermobility syndrome

    A common benign childhood condition involving hypermobile joints (that can move beyond the normal range of motion). Symptoms include pains in knees, fingers, hips, and elbows. The affected joints may sprain or dislocate. Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) is more frequent. Usually improves with adulthood. Also called the joint hypermobility syndrome.

  • Hypernatremia

    Elevated blood sodium. Sodium is the major positive ion (cation) in fluid outside of cells. The chemical notation for sodium is Na+ (from natrium, a synonym for sodium). When combined with chloride (Cl), the resulting substance is table salt (NaCl). Excess sodium (such as from fast food hamburger and fries) is excreted in the urine. […]

  • Hyperopia

    Farsightedness; the eye is focused more clearly at far rather than at near. Hyperopia may be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

  • Hyperosmolar

    In biochemistry, pertaining to an osmolar concentration of the body fluids that is abnormally increased. As, for examples, in hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome and hyperosmolar coma.

  • Hyperosmolarity

    In biochemistry, an osmolar concentration of the body fluids that is abnormally increased.

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