Relating to medicine or a physician. Iatric systems are medical systems. From the Greek iatrikos (medical), from iatros (physician), from iasthai (to heal).

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  • Iatrapistic

    Having a lack of faith in doctors.

  • Iatr-

    Prefix relating to a physician or medicine. An iatrogenic illness is one inadvertently caused by a physician. From the Greek word “iatros” meaning physician (healer).

  • Imbricate

    Overlapping like shingles or tiles on a roof. The scales on a snake are imbricate. From the Latin imbricatus, covered with tiles.

  • Imitrex

    Brand name for sumatriptan, a triptan drug for the treatment of migraine.

  • Immune

    Protected against infection, usually by the presence of antibodies.

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