Immunoglobulin M, an antibody.

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  • IGT

    Impaired glucose tolerance.

  • IHS

    //www.ihs.gov/index.cfm?module=About or by contacting the IHS Public Affairs Staff at 301-443-3593.

  • Ileal pouch

    A surgically created chamber made up of a portion of the lower part of the ileum, the last (lowest) part of the small intestine. The ileal pouch generally connects to the rectum with the muscles of this area left intact (the anus) to allow continuation of bowel control. The ileal pouch acts as a reservoir […]

  • Ileitis, Crohn

    Involvement of the large intestine (colon) only is called Crohn’s colitis or granulomatous colitis, while involvement of the small intestine alone is called Crohn’s enteritis. The most common part of the small intestine to be affected by Crohn’s disease is the last portion, called the ileum. Active disease in this area is termed Crohn’s ileitis. […]

  • Ileitis, terminal

    Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine involving only the end of the small intestine (the terminal ileum). Crohn’s disease affects primarily the small and large intestines but which can occur anywhere in the digestive system between the mouth and the anus. Named after Burrill Crohn who described the disease in 1932. The […]

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