A cut through skin or other tissue performed by a health care professional.

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  • Incisional biopsy

    A biopsy in which only a sample of the suspicious tissue is cut from a mass (incised) and removed for purposes of diagnosis. A incisional biopsy is in contrast to an excisional biopsy in which an entire lesion, usually a tumor, is removed.

  • Incompatibility, Rh

    the first twin was hydropic (swollen with edema fluid) and stillborn; the second twin was deeply jaundiced and subsequently died of kernicterus.

  • Incompetent cervix

    A cervix that has an abnormal tendency to dilate and so may not be able to keep a fetus from being spontaneously aborted (miscarried).

  • Incontinence

    The inability to control excretions, to hold urine in the bladder, or to keep feces in the rectum.

  • Inconclusive clinical trial

    Negative clinical trial; Non-inferior clinical trial; Positive clinical trial.

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