Inherited immunodeficiency disease

Primary immunodeficiency disease.

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  • Inherited metabolic diseases

    the presence of uric acid in the urine of people with gout).

  • Inhibin

    One of two hormones (designated inhibin-A and inhibin-B) secreted by the gonads (by Sertoli cells in the male and the granulosa cells in the female) and that inhibit the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) by the pituitary gland. The inhibins are also involved in the control of the production of gametes and embryonic and fetal […]

  • Inhibitor, protease

    Norvir), and they are used primarily in HIV/AIDS treatment. They are taken as part of a multi-drug cocktail and have been shown to be capable of significantly reducing the level of HIV virus in the blood. Side effects associated with protease inhibitors include lipodystrophy syndrome, in which the face, arms, and legs become thin due […]

  • Inhibitory RNA

    RNA inactivation; and RNA interference.

  • Iniencephaly

    A rare neural tube defect that combines extreme retroflexion (backward bending) of the head with severe defects of the spine. The affected infant tends to be short, with a disproportionately large head. The diagnosis can be made immediately after birth because the head is so severely retroflexed (bent back) that the face looks upward. The […]

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