Leg pain with cramping

Pletal). These drugs act differently. Trental decreases the “stickiness” (viscosity) of blood and thereby improves its flow to the legs. Pletal acts to dilate (widen) the arteries by decreasing the action of an enzyme, phosphodiesterase III. It also reduces the ability of blood to clot.

If conservative therapy is inadequate, correction of the narrowing in the affected artery may be suggested. This option depends on the location and severity of the narrowing in the artery and the underlying medical condition of the patient. Procedures that are used to correct the narrowing of arteries include surgery (such as bypass grafting) and interventional radiology (such as balloon angioplasty). When claudication is severe and persistent, these procedures may be required to ultimately relieve the condition and the pain.

The word “claudication” comes from the Latin “claudicare” meaning to limp. (The Roman emperor Claudius, who ruled from A.D. 41-54, was so named because he limped, probably because of a birth defect.) There is also venous claudication, resulting from inadequate venous drainage.

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