Prefix meaning white, as in leukocyte (white blood cell).

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  • Leukocoria

    A white pupillary reflex. When one shines a bright light on the pupil, it normally appears red. In leukocoria, the light makes the pupil look white. This occurs with a number of eye diseases including congenital cataract and retinoblastoma (a malignancy of the retina).

  • Leukocyte count

    A white blood cell (WBC) count.

  • Leukocyte, granular

    Neutrophils have “neutral” subtle granules; Eosinophils have prominent granules that stain readily with the acid dye eosin; and Basophils have prominent granules that stain readily basic (non acidic) dyes. This classification dates back to a time when certain structures could be identified in cells by histochemistry, but the functions of these intracellular structures were still […]

  • Leukocytes

    White Blood Cells that help the body fight infections and other diseases. Also called white blood cells (WBCs).

  • Leukocytosis

    A condition in which the number of white blood cells is higher than normal.

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