An agent capable of killing snails and other mollusks or of controlling their growth.

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  • Momism

    1. Excessive attachment to mom. 2. Conversely, overprotective mothering. The term momism was coined by the American writer Philip Wylie (1902 – 1971) in his 1942 book A Generation of Vipers.

  • Molluscum contagiosum

    A contagious disease of the skin marked by the occurrence of rounded soft tumors of the skin caused by the growth of a virus (one that belongs to the virus family called the Poxviridae). The disease is characterized by the appearance of a few to numerous small, pearly, umbilicated downgrowths called molluscum bodies or condyloma […]

  • Monaural

    Relating to one ear. Hearing aids may be monaural (for one ear) or binaural (for both ears). From monos, single or alone + the Latin auris, ear = a single ear.

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    Obsolete name for Down syndrome. Down syndrome refers to the 19th century English physician J. Langdon Down who described the condition in 1866. In great error, Langdon Down attributed the condition to a “reversion” to the “mongoloid race.” He held that evolution had been reversed and there had been a sort of backslide from the […]

  • Monilia

    A yeast-like fungus now called Candida.

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