The tissue surrounding the nail, whether it be a fingernail or a toenail, including the tissue bordering the root and sides of the nail.

The word is composed of “peri-” meaning around or surrounding + the Greek word “onyx” for nail = around the nail.

Read Also:

  • Perioperative

    Literally, around (the time of) surgery. More specifically, the period of time extending from when the patient goes into the hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office for surgery until the time the patient is discharged home.

  • Periosteal

    Pertaining to the periosteum.

  • Periosteoma

    A benign tumor that arises from the periosteum. Also known as periostoma.

  • Periosteum

    A dense membrane composed of fibrous connective tissue that closely wraps all bone except that of the articulating surfaces in joints, which is covered by a synovial membrane.

  • Periostitis

    Inflammation of the periosteum.

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