The convergence of pharmacology and genetics, which deals with genetically determined responses to drugs. Pharmacogenetics is also concerned with the differences in the metabolism of medications among children, adults, and senior citizens; men and women; and people with various medical conditions.

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  • Pharmaco-epidemiology

    Epidemiologists working in the area of pharmacoepidemiology apply epidemiologic reasoning, methods, and knowledge to the study of the uses and effects, beneficial and harmful, of prescription and over the counter drugs, biologics, vaccines, and medical devices in human populations. Traditionally, pharmacoepidemiology was concerned with post-marketing studies of drug safety. It has since evolved toward a […]

  • Pharmacologic stress test

    There are a diversity of pharmacologic stress tests. Here this refers specifically to a pharmacologic cardiac stress test in which certain medications are administered that stimulate the heart to mimic the physiologic effects of exercise. One of the medications used in a pharmacologic stress test is dobutamine, which is similar to adrenaline. Dobutamine is carefully […]

  • Pharmacologist

    A specialist in the science of medications. A pharmacologist is usually especially knowledgeable about new and obscure medications that may be needed for hard-to-treat or rare illnesses and about drug interactions and how to prevent them. Pharmacologists usually act as consultants to primary care physicians or specialists.

  • Pharmacology

    The study of drugs, their sources, their nature, and their properties. Pharmacology is the study of the body’s reaction to drugs. It emerged as a major area in American medicine largely due to the efforts of John Jacob Abel (1857- 1938) who stressed the importance of chemistry in medicine, did research on the endocrine glands, […]

  • Pharmacopeia

    An official authoritative listing of medications. Some countries, such as the UK, establish official pharmacopeias, as do some medical groups and health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

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