An uncommon slow-growing tumor of the pineal gland. Also known as a pinealocytoma and pineocytoma.

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  • Pinel system

    The policy of treating the mentally ill in hospitals and other institutions humanely and without the use of forcible restraints of any type. Named for the great French psychiatrist, Philippe Pinel (1745-1826), who was named director of the Bic�tre Hospital in 1793 and shortly thereafter director of the Salp�triere Hospital, also in Paris, and who […]

  • Pineoblastoma

    A fast-growing brain tumor in the pineal gland that originates in neuroepithelial cells. This malignancy is considered by many to be one of the primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNETs). Also known as pinealoblastoma.

  • Pineocytoma

    An uncommon slow-growing tumor of the pineal gland. Symptoms include hydrocephalus, paralysis of upward gaze, gait disturbances, and precocious puberty. Also known as a pinealocytoma or pinealoma.

  • Pinguecula

    A yellow spot on the conjunctiva (the membrane that lines the sclera’the ‘white’ of the eye’and the eyelids) usually toward the inside of the eye, that is believed to be related to ultraviolet light exposure or other irritants. A pinguecula looks fatty and is due to an accumulation of connective tissue. Also known as pinguicula.

  • Pinguicula

    Alternate spelling of pinguecula. Irrespective of spelling, the accent is on the second syllable which is pronounced gwek.

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