The ear or, to be more precise, the part of the ear that projects like a little wing from the head. In Latin, pinna means wing.

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  • Pinnate

    1. Like the pinna, the part of the ear that projects (“wings out”) from the head. 2. Like a feather or leaf with similar parts arranged symmetrically on opposite sides of a central axis. From the Latin pinnatus meaning winged or feathered, from the Latin pinna meaning a wing or feather.

  • Pinocytosis

    A cellular process that permits the active transport of fluid from outside the cell through the membrane surrounding the cell into the inside of the cell. In pinocytosis, tiny incuppings called caveolae (little caves) in the surface of the cell close and then pinch off to form pinosomes, little fluid-filled bubbles, that are free within […]

  • Pinosome

    pinein, to drink + soma, body = a drinking body.

  • Pinworm infection

    Bathe when you wake up (to help reduce the pinworm egg contamination). Change and wash your underwear each day. Wear pinworm-free underclothing. Frequent changing of night clothes is similarly recommended. Change underwear, night clothes, and sheets after each treatment. Open blinds or curtains in bedrooms during the day (because the pinworm eggs are sensitive to […]

  • Piriformis muscle

    A muscle that begins at the front surface of the sacrum (the V-shaped bone between the buttocks, at the base of the spine) and passes through the greater sciatic notch to attach to the top of the thighbone (femur) at its bony prominence (the greater trochanter). The gluteus maximus muscle covers the piriformis muscle in […]

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