Pelizaeus-Merzbacher-like disease.

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  • PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica)

    A disorder of the muscles and joints of older persons characterized by pain and stiffness, affecting both sides of the body, and involving the shoulders, arms, neck, and buttock areas.

  • PNET

    Ewing tumor of bone; extraosseus Ewing tumor (tumor growing outside of the bone); primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET), also known as peripheral neuroepithelioma; and Askin tumor (PNET of the chest wall).

  • Pneuma

    The life-giving principle. According to the school of medicine in ancient Alexandria, life was associated with a vapor called the pneuma. The belief in pneuma was called pneumatism. In hindsight, pneumatism was an early attempt to explain respiration which is, indeed, the life-giving principle.

  • Pneumatic larynx

    A device that uses air to produce sound, helping a person whose larynx has been removed to talk.

  • Pneumo-

    Prefix pertaining to breathing, respiration, the lungs, pneumonia, or air.

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