Potassium deficiency

Hypokalemia and Potassium balance.

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  • Potassium excess

    Hyperkalemia and Potassium balance.

  • Potomania

    An intense and persistent desire to drink alcohol to excess. Synonymous with dipsomania.

  • Pott's disease

    An old term for tuberculosis of the spine that caused softening and collapse of the vertebrae, often resulting in kyphosis, a “hunchback” deformity, which was called “Pott’s curvature.” Named for the English surgeon Sir John Percivall Pott (1714-1788) who described it.

  • Pouch of Douglas

    An extension of the peritoneal cavity between the rectum and the back wall of the uterus. Also known as the rectouterine pouch.

  • Pouch, Pavlov

    At different points along the dogs’ digestive tracts, the Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1848-1936) surgically created pockets (“Pavlov pouches”) from which he could obtain secretions, the aim being to study the physiology of the digestive tract. He did so from the salivary glands down to the stomach, liver and pancreas with considerable success and […]

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