The study of the proteome, the complete set of proteins expressed by an organism, tissue, or cell. It includes the study of changes in protein expression patterns as related to diseases and environmental conditions.

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  • Proteus syndrome

    A disturbance of cell growth that causes overgrowth, asymmetry, and gigantism of bones, limbs, skin, and other organs. Its symptoms also include vascular malformations; raised, rough skin; and overgrowth of fat. John Merrick, the 19th-century Englishman known as the ‘elephant man,’ is thought to have had Proteus syndrome. No specific treatment is available.

  • Prothrombin

    Prothrombin mutation G20210A; and Prothrombin time.

  • Prothrombin 20210A mutation

    Prothrombin mutation G20210A.

  • Prothrombin G20210A mutation

    Prothrombin mutation G20210A.

  • Prothrombin mutation 20210A

    Prothrombin mutation G20210A.

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