To spread out from a central area. For example, sciatic pain may radiate outward from the lower back.

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  • Radiation during pregnancy

    Prenatal radiation exposure.

  • Radiation fibrosis

    Scarring of the lungs from radiation. Radiation fibrosis is a consequence of the repair process that follows radiation pneumonitis (inflammation of the lungs due to radiation), as from radiation therapy. Radiation fibrosis typically occurs within months to a few years after the completion of radiation treatments. Whereas the inflammation of radiation pneumonitis is often reversible […]

  • Radiation menopause

    Menopause induced by radiation.

  • Radiation oncologist

    A physician whose specialty is the use of radiation therapy as a treatment for cancer.

  • Radiation oncology

    The medical specialty that is involved in the use of radiation (X-rays, gamma rays, or electrons) to treat cancer.

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