Not yielding, or not yielding readily, to treatment.

Read Also:

  • Refractory anemia

    Anemia that is unresponsive to treatment.

  • Refsum disease

    A genetic disorder that affects the metabolism of the fatty acid phytanic acid. When phytanic acid accumulates, it causes a number of progressive problems, including inflammation of numerous nerves (polyneuritis), diminishing vision due to retinitis pigmentosa, and wobbliness (ataxia) caused by damage to the cerebellar portion of the brain. Refsum disease is caused by mutations […]

  • Regenerate

    To reproduce or renew something that was lost. For example, after an injury, the liver has the capacity to regenerate.

  • Regimen

    A plan or a regulated course, such as a diet, exercise, or treatment, that is designed to give a good result. A low-salt diet is one type of dietary regimen.

  • Region, regulatory

    A region of a chromosome that controls gene expression. In terms of DNA, it is a regulatory sequence.

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