Rickets, celiac

Rickets caused by failure of the intestines to absorb calcium and fat from foods.

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  • Rickets, hypophosphatemic

    A familial form of rickets characterized by hypophosphatemia (low blood phosphate level), defective intestinal absorption of phosphate, and rickets unresponsive to vitamin D. The basic problem is decreased resorption of phosphate by the tubules in the kidney. There are two different types of the disorder that are inherited in an X-linked dominant manner. Females typically […]

  • Rickets, renal

    Rickets-like bone malformations that are caused by prolonged inflammation of the kidneys.

  • Rickets, vitamin D resistant

    A rickets-like condition caused by an inborn defect of metabolism, usually in males. Vitamin D cannot be absorbed, and so does not work to treat the illness.

  • Ricketts, Howard T.

    American pathologist and pioneering infectious disease expert (1871-1910) who was the first to establish the identity of the infectious organism that causes Rocky Mountain spotted fever. He and others characterized the basic epidemiologic features of the disease, including the role of tick vectors. Their studies found that Rocky Mountain spotted fever is caused by a […]

  • Rickettsia

    A member of a group of microorganisms that (like viruses) require other living cells for growth but (like bacteria) use oxygen, have metabolic enzymes and cell walls, and are susceptible to antibiotics. Rickettsiae cause a series of diseases named for the American pathologist Howard Ricketts who discovered that ticks spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever and […]

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