RNA silencing

RNA inactivation; and RNA interference.

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  • RNA virus

    A virus in which the genetic material is RNA. The RNA may be either double- or single-stranded. There are 6 classes of viruses. The DNA viruses constitute classes I and II. The RNA viruses make up the remaining classes. Class III viruses have a double-stranded RNA genome. Class IV viruses have a positive single-stranded RNA […]

  • RNA, messenger

    The key intermediary in gene expression, which translates the DNA’s genetic code into the amino acids that make up proteins. Abbreviated mRNA.

  • RNA, ribosomal

    A molecular component of a ribosome, the cell’s essential protein factory. Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) fabricates polypeptides (assemblies of amino acids that make up proteins). A tiny particulate structure located in the cytoplasm of the cell (outside the nucleus), the ribosome is composed of two subunits, one larger than the other. Both subunits were believed to […]

  • RNA, transfer

    The form of the biochemical ribonucleic acid that brings (transfers) activated amino acids into position along the messenger RNA template. Abbreviated tRNA.

  • Roach-2

    Or roaches. Street term for Rohypnol.

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