The husband of a woman who had a child by another man.

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  • Steppage gait

    A manner of walking in which the advancing foot is lifted high so that the toes clear the ground. Steppage gait is a sign of foot-drop.

  • Stereotactic

    Referring to precise positioning in three-dimensional space. For example, biopsies, surgery, or radiation therapy can be done stereotactically.

  • Stereotactic needle biopsy

    A biopsy in which the spot to be biopsied is located three-dimensionally, the information is entered into a computer, and the computer calculates the information and positions a needle to remove the biopsy sample.

  • Stereotactic radiotherapy

    Radiation therapy in which a number of precisely aimed beams of ionizing radiation coming from different directions meet at a specific point, delivering the radiation treatment to that spot.

  • Stereotactic surgery

    Surgery in which a system of three-dimensional coordinates is used to locate the site to be operated on.

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