Abbreviation for subcutaneous.

Subcutaneous means under the skin. It implies just under the skin.

With a subcutaneous injection, a needle is inserted just under the skin. A drug (for example, insulin) can then be delivered into the subcutaneous tissues. After the injection, the drug moves into small blood vessels and the bloodstream. The subcutaneous route is used with many protein and polypeptide drugs such as insulin which, if given by mouth, would be broken down and digested in the intestinal tract.

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  • Subcutaneous

    Under the skin. For example, a subcutaneous injection is an injection in which a needle is inserted just under the skin. Also known as subcu. Abbreviated subq.

  • Subcutaneous hematoma

    A hematoma beneath the skin.

  • Subdeltoid

    Beneath the deltoid, the large muscle that stretches from the clavicle (collarbone) to the humerus (the long bone in the upper arm) and so covers the shoulder.

  • Subdural

    Below the dura, the outermost, toughest, and most fibrous of the three membranes (meninges) covering the brain and the spinal cord. An subdural hematoma is a collection of blood beneath the dura.

  • Subdural hematoma

    When they do cause problems, the incident that caused the bleeding is often long past. Symptoms include increasing daily headache, fluctuating drowsiness or confusion, and mild weakness on one side of the body. Subdural hematomas are more common in alcoholics and patients over 50 years of age. In infants, subdural hematomas can cause the fontanel […]

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