Supportive care

Treatment given to prevent, control, or relieve complications and side effects and to improve the patient’s comfort and quality of life.

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  • Suppressant, cough

    A drug used to control coughing, particularly with a dry, nagging, unproductive cough.

  • Suppurate

    To form or discharge pus. The adjective is suppurative, as in suppurative arthritis. The noun is suppuration, and is rarely used today. From the Latin puris = pus.

  • Suppurative arthritis

    Infectious arthritis. Suppurative arthritis is typically caused by a bacterial infection in the joint. Diagnosis is made by analysis of fluid that has been removed from the joint, including microscopic examination and culture. Suppurative arthritis requires drainage of the joint and antibiotics, usually intravenously administered. Suppurative arthritis is also referred to as pyarthrosis, and bacterial […]

  • Supraglottis

    The upper part of the larynx, including the epiglottis; the area above the vocal cords.

  • Supraspinatus muscle

    The muscle that elevates the arm and moves it away from the body. The tendon of the supraspinatus muscle is one of four tendons that stabilize the shoulder joint and constitute the rotator cuff.

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