A physical or emotional injury.

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  • Trauma center

    A specialized hospital facility that is designed to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with injuries.

  • Traumatic alopecia

    Hair loss caused by injury to the scalp. Common causes include the use of caustic hair straighteners, especially those that include lye as an ingredient; stress traction injury from tight rollers and braiding; overheating of the hair shafts; and compulsive pulling out of hair (trichotillomania).

  • Traumatic brain injury

    Brain damage from trauma. The three leading causes of death from traumatic brain injury relate to firearms, motor vehicles and falls. The leading causes of death differ by age group. Motor vehicles are the leading cause among youth from birth to 19 years of age. Firearms are the leading cause of death among persons aged […]

  • Traumatology

    The branch of surgery that deals with injured patients, usually on an emergency basis. Patients who have suffered significant physical trauma, as from a car accident, may be cared for in a traumatology unit.

  • Travel medicine

    Guide on Safe Food for Travelers International Certificates of Vaccination International Health Regulations International Medical Guide for Ships International Travel and Health Ports Designated in Application of the International Health Regulations Yellow Fever Vaccinating Centres for International Health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States also excellent information including current […]

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