Referring to the presence of one or more vesicles. For example, a vesicular rash features small blisters on the skin.

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  • Vesicular rickettsiosis

    A mild infectious disease first observed in New York City, caused by Rickettsia akari, transmitted from its mouse host by chigger or adult mite bites. There is fever, a dark spot that becomes a small ulcer at the site of the bite, swollen glands (lymphadenopathy) in that region, and a raised blistery (vesicular) rash. Also […]

  • Vesiculitis

    Inflammation of a vesicle, particularly of the seminal vesicles behind the male bladder.

  • Vesiculography

    The use of special X-ray equipment and a dye to examine the seminal vesicles and related structures. Vesiculography is most often used when prostate disease or cancer is suspected.

  • Vessel

    A tube in the body that carries fluids. Examples of vessels are blood vessels and lymph vessels.

  • Vessel, afferent

    A vessel that carries blood toward the heart. A vein or venule.

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