Virus, attenuated

a virus that is capable of stimulating an immune response and creating immunity but not of causing illness.

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  • Virus, human immunodeficiency (HIV)

    The cause of AIDS. HIV has also been called the human lymphotropic virus type III, the lymphadenopathy-associated virus and the lymphadenopathy virus. No matter what name is applied, it is a retrovirus. (A retrovirus has an RNA genome and a reverse transcriptase enzyme. Using the reverse transcriptase, the virus uses its RNA as a template […]

  • Virus, human lymphotropic, type III

    Virus, human immunodeficiency.

  • Virus, lymphadenopathy

    Virus, human immunodeficiency.

  • Virus, lymphadenopathy-associated

    Virus, human immunodeficiency.

  • Virus, Nipah

    A virus that infects pigs and people in whom it causes a sometimes fatal form of viral encephalitis (brain inflammation). Nipah is the name of the first village the virus struck near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The Nipah virus is similar to Hendra virus that was discovered in Australia in 1994. Nipah virus caused a […]

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