Western blot

A technique in molecular biology that is used to separate and identify particular

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  • Western medicine

    Conventional medicine, as distinct from an alternative form of medicine such as ayurvedic or traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Wet market

    A live animal market, a common sight in many areas of the world and a source of influenza viruses and other infectious disease agents for human beings. SARS outbreaks have been traced to wet markets in southern China. Wet markets sell live poultry, fish, reptiles, and mammals of every kind. Animals may stay from days […]

  • WF

    Medical shorthand for white female.

  • WFS1

    A gene on the short (p) arm of chromosome 4 in band 4p16 that encodes (provides the instructions for) a protein called wolframin. Mutations in WFS1 are associated with Wolfram syndrome and with nonsyndromic deafness (hearing loss without related signs and symptoms affecting other parts of the body). Wolframin is found in cells throughout the […]

  • Wharton's jelly

    A gelatinous substance that provides insulation and protection within the umbilical cord. Stem cells are present in Wharton’s jelly, as well as in umbilical cord blood.

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