A gene on the X chromosome that is located on the X chromosome. An X-linked disorder is associated with or caused by a gene on the X chromosome.

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  • X-ray

    High-energy radiation with waves shorter than those of visible light. X-ray is used in low doses to make images that help to diagnose diseases and in high doses to treat cancer.

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    The use of X-rays of known wavelength to learn the structure of any crystalline material. Put otherwise, X-ray crystallography is a technology by which the locations of atoms in any crystal can be precisely mapped by looking at the image of the crystal under an X-ray beam. The crystal is placed in the beam of […]

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    An X-ray picture in which the beams pass through the patient anteroposteriorly (from front to back).

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    An X-ray picture in which the beams pass through the patient posteroanteriorly (from back to front).

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