Y-linked inheritance

ASMTY (which stands for acetylserotonin methyltransferase),
TSPY (testis-specific protein),
IL3RAY (interleukin-3 receptor),
SRY (sex-determining region),
TDF (testis determining factor),
ZFY (zinc finger protein), PRKY (protein kinase, Y-linked),
AMGL (amelogenin),
CSF2RY (granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor, alpha subunit on the Y chromosome),
ANT3Y (adenine nucleotide translocator-3 on the Y),
AZF2 (azoospermia factor 2),
BPY2 (basic protein on the Y chromosome),
AZF1 (azoospermia factor 1),
DAZ (deleted in azoospermia),
RBM1 (RNA binding motif protein, Y chromosome, family 1, member A1),
RBM2 (RNA binding motif protein 2) and
UTY (ubiquitously transcribed TPR gene on Y chromosome).

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