Short for automatic backup system.

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  • ACAP

    Short of Application Configuration Access Protocol, an e-mail protocol being developed by the IETF to complement IMAP4. ACAP supports related e-mail services such as subscribing to bulletin boards, and organizing and searching mailboxes and address books. ACAP was previously known as IMSP (Interactive Mail Support Protocol).

  • ACD

    Short for Automatic Call Distributor, a telephone facility that handles incoming calls and manages them based on a database of handling instructions.

  • ACHA

    ) Short for Accelerated Hub Architecture (also called Intel Hub Architecture), Intel introduced this hub architecture starting with the 820 chipset. The hub architecture divides control between a memory controller hub (MCH) that supports memory and AGP and an I/O controller hub (ICH) that supports PCI, USB, sound, IDE and LAN. The word hub in […]

  • ACID

    ACID is the acronym used to describe the four properties of an enterprise-level transaction : ATOMICITY: a transaction should be done or undone completely. In the event of a failure, all operations and procedures should be undone, and all data should rollback to its previous state. CONSISTENCY: a transaction should transform a system from one […]

  • ACK

    Short for acknowledgement code, a transmission control character used to indicate that a transmitted message was received uncorrupted or without errors or that the receiving station is ready to accept transmissions. The receiver sends the code to the sender to indicate that the transmission has been accepted. Compare with NAK.

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