anchor text

The visible text on a Web page that you click for the hyperlink. Anchor text is an important element of SEO (search engine optimization).

Example: < a href="/" >This is the anchor text < /a>

Read Also:

  • 302 Redirect

    A Web server function where an old URL can be redirected to a new one. 302 Redirect is a “temporary” redirect status.

  • cloud OS

    A buzzword that is used in place of Platform as a Service (PaaS) to denote an association to cloud computing.

  • a Cloud Provider

    A service provider that offers customers storage or software services available via a private (private cloud) or public network (cloud). Usually, it means the storage and software is available for access via the Internet.

  • internal cloud

    Another name for a private cloud.

  • cloud app

    Short for cloud application, cloud app is the phrase used to describe a software application that is never installed on a local computer. Instead, it is accessed via the Internet.

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