application services

Another name for Web services.

Read Also:

  • application sharing

    A feature of many videoconferencing applications that enables the conference participants to simultaneously run the same application. The application itself resides on only one of the machines connected to the conference.

  • application virtualization

    Also called application service virtualization. Application virtualization is layered on top of other virtualization technologies, such as storage virtualization or machine virtualization to allow computing resources to be distributed dynamically in real time. In standard computing, applications install their settings onto the host operating system, hard-coding the entire system to fit that application’s needs. With […]

  • appserver

    See application server.

  • apt

    A Debian tool used to manage packages. When a user installs a package on a system, it also searches for and then installs or upgrades all the necessary dependant packages to make the package work. The actual command is apt-get.

  • arbitrated loop

    A Fibre Channel standard defining a loop topology where up to 126 devices can communicate with one another using an arbitrated access protocol.

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