A program that enables you to search for files anywhere on the Internet by filename.

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  • Armored Virus

    A type of virus that has been designed to thwart attempts by analysts from examining its code by using various methods to make tracing, disassembling and reverse engineering more difficult. An Armored Virus may also protect itself from antivirus programs, making it more difficult to trace. To do this, the Armored Virus attempts to trick […]

  • AspectC++

    An aspect-oriented extension to the C++ programming language.

  • AspectJ

    An aspect-oriented extension to the Java programming language.

  • Association of Shareware Professionals

    The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) is a group of professionals dedicated to the advancement of shareware software as an alternative to conventional retail software.

  • Audience Measurement Guidelines

    A set of recommendations established by the The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that assist companies that report audience metrics to achieve transparency in audience counts and to revise out-of-date methodologies. The Audience Measurement Guidelines provide details on measurement of Audience Reach related to Internet-based content or advertising and are used by Internet Publishers, Ad-serving organizations, […]

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