In online advertising it is a slang term used to describe advertisements sent via bulk e-mail.

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  • blaudience

    Term used to mean blog audience. A blog audience is the audience (or readers) of a blog. See “The History of Blogging” in the Quick Reference section of

  • blawg

    Slang term used to describe an online blog that is written by lawyers, or one that is focused on providing legal-oriented content.

  • bleed

    (blēd) (n.) Text or graphics that extends all the way to the edge of the paper it is printed on. Bleeds are used in publishing for graphical effect and for printed tabs. Most printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper, so the only way to produce a bleed is to […]

  • blended threat

    Blended threats combine the characteristics of viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, and malicious code with server and Internet vulnerabilities to initiate, transmit, and spread an attack. By using multiple methods and techniques, blended threats can rapidly spread and cause widespread damage. Characteristics of blended threats include: causes harm, propagates by multiple methods, attacks from multiple points, […]

  • bliki

    Short for blog and wiki, bliki is a type of blog that can be edited by readers or an agreed upon group of collaborators, contributors and editors. See blog and wiki for a better understanding of the term bliki.

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