check box

In graphical user interfaces, a box that you can click to turn an option on or off. When the option is on, an X appears in the box. [picture of check boxes]

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  • check digit

    The last number in a UPC that is used to verify the accuracy of the code. See

  • Checksum

    A simple error-detection scheme in which each transmitted message is accompanied by a numerical value based on the number of set bits in the message. The receiving station then applies the same formula to the message and checks to make sure the accompanying numerical value is the same. If not, the receiver can assume that […]

  • cherry picker

    A hydraulic lift system used on the back of large vehicles and trucks. The system uses a bucket that a worker stands in to be moved up in the air. While used in orchards to allow workers to pick fruit higher up in the trees, a cherry picker is also used on telephone, cable, and […]

  • chicken boner

    A slang term used in reference to an inexperienced spammer. The reference implies that the person is a low-life who spends all their time in front of the computer with “fried chicken bones littering the floor”.

  • chicklet

    A feed button that normally contains a feed reader logo and has a specific blog or feed information attached to it. It is coded to easily allow users to subscribe to a feed.

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