In software and hardware terminology, a codename is a name given to a project to identify it while it is still in development. Once the project has been completed, just before it is released to the public and retail channels in its final packaged version, the developing company will release its commercial name for the product and the the codename will no longer be used.

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  • coff

    Short for Common Object File Format, a binary file format used in UNIX System V and Windows.

  • Cold Boot

    The start-up of a computer from a powered-down, or off, state. Also called a hard boot. Contrast with warm boot, restarting a computer via the operating system.

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    (kōld sīt)(n.) A disaster recovery facility that provides only the physical space for recovery operations while the organization using the space provides its own hardware and softwaresystems.

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    (cōld stand´bī) (n.) A method of redundancy in which the secondary (i.e., backup) system is only called upon when the primary system fails. The system on cold standby receives scheduled data backups, but less frequently than a warm standby. Cold standby systems are used for non-critical applications or in cases where data is changed infrequently.

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    Abbreviated as CF, in electronic commerce it is the method and process used to match data of one user with data for similar users, based on purchase and browsing patterns. Collaborative filtering allows merchants to provide customers with future purchase recommendations.

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