Slang term used to describe a computer system that frequently malfunctions.

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  • composite applications

    Applications that consist of pieces of other applications. Composite applications bring this information together in one place. For example, salespeople have disparate software applications that make it possible to do their jobs: software for contacts, ERP, a file system, and so on. May also be called custom applications, portals, Web applications, Web services, or complex […]

  • composite video

    (n.) A type of video signal in which all information-the red, blue, and green signals (and sometimes audio signals as well)-are mixed together. This is the type of signal used by televisions in the United States (see NTSC). In contrast, most computers use RGB video, which consists of three separate signals for red, green, and […]

  • compositing

    (1) In video terminology, compositing is the merging of two video tracks in order to produce a new single image frame from the combined tracks. The term may also be used to describe the overlaying of text and titles on video clips. (2) In graphics, compositing is the process of superimposing one image over top […]

  • compound document

    The term compound document is used to describe an electronic document comprising of more than one type of file. For example, a text file and image file.

  • compressed sensing

    An alternative theory to Nyquist’s Law that indicates signals and images can be reconstructed from fewer measurements than what is usually considered necessary. In contrast, Nyquist’s Law states that a signal must be sampled at least twice its highest analog frequency in order to extract all of the information. Also called compressive sampling.

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