To set up a program or computer system for a particular application.

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  • congestion

    A state occurring in part of a network when the message traffic is so heavy that it slows down network response time.

  • congestion notification

    A signaling technique used by data transmission systems in order to indicate the status of network congestion. Devices that are communicating data across a network rely on congestion notification to determine when to send or delay the transmission of data packets. Forward congestion notification indicates to upstream data switching devices that data is being transmitted […]

  • connect time

    The amount of time a computer is logged in to a remote computer. Many online services charge users per connect time. Other services offer unlimited connect time for a flat monthly fee.

  • connectile dysfunction

    Slang term used to describe one’s inability to obtain or maintain an Internet connection. A user who is experiencing connection drops would say or their ISP is suffering from connectile dysfunction. See “Types of Internet Connections” in

  • connection-oriented service

    One of two techniques used in data communications to transfer data at the Transport Layer (Layer 4). A Connection-oriented service requires a session connection be established before any data can be sent with a direct physical connection between the sessions. This often considered to be a more reliable network service than the alternative, connectionless service.

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