A slang term used to describe money that is made through online channels. For example, the money a person might earn through affiliate programs.

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  • cyberbullying

    Slang term used to describe online harassment, which can be in the form of flames, comments made in chat rooms, the sending of offensive or cruel e-mail, or even harassing others by posting on blogs, Web pages or social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook or MySpace. Unlike physical bullying, cyberbullying can often be difficult […]

  • cyberculture

    A slang term used to describe the emerging culture of those who are networked in cyberspace. It is a society of people who use computer networks for communication.

  • cyberjockey

    A person who works online, usually as a volunteer, answering users questions and providing assistance to a new user (newbie) in online chat rooms and Internet discussion forums.

  • cyberlawyer

    A slang term used to describe a lawyer who is an expert on the law as it relates to online communications. Other industry-related cyber words include cyberlaw and cyber forensics.

  • cyberlibel

    Cyberlibel is a term used to describe defamation that takes place in cyberspace, meaning through the Internet. This includes false and damaging statements made about another person through e-mail, message boards, blogs, chatrooms, on Web sites, or any other Internet-based communication medium.

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