A slang term used to describe a person who uses computers to communicate. It is said that this person — or cybernaut — travels in cyberspace. The word cybernaut is a play on the words “cyber” and “astronaut”.

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  • cybernetics

    Originally the study of biological and artificial control systems, cybernetics has evolved into many disparate areas of study, with research in many disciplines, including computer science, social philosophy and epistemology. In general, cybernetics is concerned with discovering what mechanisms control systems, and in particular, how systems regulate themselves. The term was first coined by Norbert […]

  • cyberprise

    Slang term used to describe the merging of cyberspace and the enterprise. The term cyberprise was first trademarked by the company Wall Data Inc., which used the word as its product name. Wall Data’s Cyberprise is a suite of tools used for creating multiple online communities that include an enterprise’s customers, vendors and partners. In […]

  • cyberpublisher

    A slang term used to describe a person or group who publishes writing in digital format online on Web sites, PDF files, blogs and in other online spaces. May also be called cyberpublishing. Other industry-related cyber slang terms include cyberjournalist (a journalist who writes for online media) and cyberzine (an online magazine).

  • cyberpunk

    (1) A literary term used to describe a genre based on science fiction, but with emphasis on advanced technology. Cyberpunk was inspired by William Gibson’s 1982 novel “Neuromancer”. (2) Slang term used to describe a lifestyle, or subculture based around technology such as computer games, online chatting, surfing, and other activities pertaining to the Internet […]

  • control

    (1) An object in a window or dialog box. Examples of controls include push-buttons, scroll bars, radio buttons, and pull-down menus. (2) An OLE or ActiveX object.

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