D-Link is the corporate name of a designer and manufacturer of networking, broadband, digital, voice and data communications solutions. The company offers consumer devices in addition to providing network connectivity solutions to small and medium-sized business. The company’s products and services include networking solutions for wireless bridging, network storage, cable and DSL modems, PoE adapters, network adapters, routers and more. D-Link was founded in 1986.

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  • D-channel

    Short for Delta-channel, the channel in an ISDN connection that carries control and signaling information. Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) service consists of two 64 Kbps B-channels, and one D-channel for transmitting control information. Primary ISDN service consists of 23 B-channels (in the U.S.) or 30 B-channels (in Europe). Compare with B-channel.

  • D-VHS

    Short for Digital VHS D-VHS is a VHS format capable of storing digital signals on the magnetic tape. It offers more capacity than traditional VHS and also can record compressed HDTV signals.

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    A Linux software platform that delivers multimedia including DVDs, MP3s, CDs, Radio, navigation, Games, Engine Diagnostics, and Wireless Networking capability for carputers, also called car PCs. DashPC is a registered trademark of Dashwerks.

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