Short for Direct Access File System.

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  • DAL

    Short for dedicated access line, a telecommunications line that reserves its data transmission capability for a specific user. The DAL typically is supplied by the local telephone company, but the local company does not switch calls on the line.

  • DAMA

    Short for Demand-Assigned Multiple Access, DAMA is a satellite channel access protocol that provides a highly efficient means of instantaneously assigning channels in a transponder according to immediate traffic demands. DAMA essentially matches user demands to available satellite capacity.

  • DAML

    Short for DARPA Agent Markup Language, DAML is a semantic markup language that is specifically an extension to XML and the Resource Description Framework (RDF). DAML is used for the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) and compared to the XML standard it offers a better capacity to express semantics (describing objects and the […]


    The latest release of DAML, DAML+OIL is a semantic markup language for Web resources, but extends DAML by providing a rich set of constructs to create ontologies and to markup information so that it is machine readable and understandable.

  • DAN

    Short for Desk Area Network DAN is an architecture for a multimedia workstation that is based around an ATM interconnect. The architecture is designed to interconnect workstations, multimedia devices and bridges to other networks. Traditionally, multimedia devices were connected to workstations. However, in a Desk Area Network these local devices are connected directly to the […]

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