(adj.) Used typically in reference to a computer language to mean a command or statement in the language that is going to be made invalid or obsolete in future versions.

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  • depth of field

    Abbreviated as DOF, depth of field is a unit of measurement that represents the range of distances within an image where the focus is acceptably sharp.

  • derived class

    A class that was created based on a previously existing class (i.e., base class). A derived class inherits all of the member variables and methods of the base class from which it is derived. Also called a derived type.

  • derivative work right

    The right to alter content, take extracts from it, combine it with another work, translate it into another language, or otherwise create a new work from an existing piece of content.

  • derived works

    Derived or derivative works refers to any work that is based upon one or more existing works. In Open Source licensing, the license must allow modifications and derived works to be distributed under the same terms as the license of the original software.

  • descender

    In typography, the portion of a lowercase letter that falls below the baseline. In the English alphabet, 5 letters have descenders: g, j, p, q, and y.

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