disk optimizer

A program that makes a disk more efficient. Disk optimizer us a variety of techniques, including defragmenting the disk. Fragmentation occurs naturally when a disk is used often.

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  • disk pack

    A stack of removable hard disks encased in a metal or plastic container.

  • disk scrubbing

    Refers to a software utility used to completely wipe-out hard disk drives. This type of utility can usually overwrite single files, unused space on a disk, or a whole disk drive, using a series of algorithms to make it highly unlikely that anyone could ever retrieve the original data from the disk.

  • disk striping

    A technique for spreading data over multiple disk drives. Disk striping can speed up operations that retrieve data from disk storage. The computer system breaks a body of data into units and spreads these units across the available disks. Systems that implement disk striping generally allow the user to select the data unit size or […]

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    (v) To make data or images appear on a monitor. (n) Short for display screen or monitor.

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