Short for the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association, ECCMA is an international association of industry and government master data managers. ECCMA’s goal is to increase the quality and lower the cost of descriptions of individuals, organizations, goods and services through developing and promoting International Standards for Master Data Quality.

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    In data storage technology, ECCST is short for Enhanced Capacity Cartridge System Tape. It is a double length tape cartridge with a nominal uncompressed capacity of approximately 800 Mbytes.

  • ECC Constraint Length

    The number of sectors that are interleaved to combat burst-like error characteristics of discs. Sixteen sectors are interleaved in DVD. Interleaving takes advantage of typical disc defects such as scratch marks by spreading the error over a larger data area, thereby increasing the chance that the ECCs can conceal the error. [Source: Roxio]

  • ECC memory

    Short for Error-Correcting Code memory, a type of memory that includes special circuitry for testing the accuracy of data as it passes in and out of memory.

  • ECD

    Short for the European Copyright Directive of 2001, the implementation of the WIPO Treaties for the European Union; similar to the DMCA in the U.S. Also referred to as the EUCD (European Union Copyright Directive).

  • ECMA

    Short for European Computer Manufacturers Association, a non-profit international industry association founded in 1961 dedicated to the worldwide standardization of information and communication systems. The ECMA��s key areas of activity are: high-speed communication, including protocols, interfaces, networks and network management computer telephony integration storage media, including optical disks, CD-ROM, DVD, magnetic tape and magnetic disks […]

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