In satellite communications, an echo refers to an unwanted refection of a signal to its originator.

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  • echo canceller

    A device designed to eliminate the echo in a channel.

  • edge connector

    )The part of a printed circuit board that plugs into a computer or device. The edge connector generally has a row of broad metallic tracks that provide the electrical connection.

  • edge enhancement

    In video editing edge enhancement is a technique used to clean up a picture in preparation for DVD encoding. This may include edge sharpening, noise reduction, or the removal of defects from the original film. While edge enhancement may make video look cleaner and sharper to the observer, it does remove some fine detail from […]

  • edge router

    A device in an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network that routes data between an ATM backbone network and local area networks (LANs).

  • edge switch

    A switch that is located at the meeting point between two networks. The edge switch typically connects an end user’s LAN to an ISP’s network or backbone. An edge switch also is called an access node or a service node.

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