Refers to an architecture in which one device (the master) controls one or more other devices (the slaves).

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  • matching

    (n.) In a biometric security system, the process of comparing a biometric sample with a stored reference template and subsequently assigning a score based on the level of similarity. The biometric system then issues an accept or reject decision based on the results of the matching.

  • matchmaker

    A Web site that refers buyers to a third-party Web merchant willing to sell a good or service at the price specified by the buyer.

  • mathematical expression

    Any expression that represents a numeric value.

  • matrix

    (1) A two-dimensional array; that is, an array of rows and columns. (2) The background area of color display.

  • matrixed

    In audio and sound terms, matrixed describes a technique in which multichannels are blended together and stored. Contrast with discrete where channels are individually stored.

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