In Web development the term monetization is used to mean the ability to generate a revenue thorough your Web site or blog. Monetization can be from affiliate programs, electronic commerce, premium content, advertising or any form of revenue generation.

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  • Monitor

    (1) Another term for display screen. The term monitor, however, usually refers to the entire box, whereas display screen can mean just the screen. In addition, the term monitor often implies graphics capabilities. There are many ways to classify monitors. The most basic is in terms of color capabilities, which separates monitors into three classes: […]

  • monitor footprint

    A term used to reference how much space a monitor takes up on your desk.

  • Monochrome

    Monochrome means one color. Typically one color is presented in different values and intensities — or different shades of the single color. Monochrome is a phrase often associated with older computer system monitors. Monitors, for example, can be monochrome, grayscale or color. Monochrome monitors actually use two colors, one for the display image (the foreground) […]

  • monomer

    A single molecule that has the ability to combine with identical or similar molecules, a process also known as polymerization.

  • monophonic ringtone

    In mobile phone technology a monophonic ringtone is a type of ringtone which consists of a series of notes, one musical note at a time. Contrast with polyphonic ringtone which consists of several notes at one time.

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