(adj.) Typically used to describe a host connected to two or more networks or having two or more network addresses. For example, a network server may be connected to a serial line and a LAN or to multiple LANs.

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  • multilingual videoconference

    A videoconference in two or more languages with interpretation, either consecutive or simultaneous.

  • Multimedia

    The use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated way. Long touted as the future revolution in computing, multimedia applications were, until the mid-90s, uncommon due to the expensive hardware required. With increases in performance and decreases in price, however, multimedia is now commonplace. Nearly all PCs are capable […]

  • multimedia kit

    A package of hardware and software that adds multimedia capabilities to a computer. Typically a multimedia kit includes a CD-ROM or DVD player, a sound card, speakers, and a bundle of CD-ROMs.

  • multimode fiber

    In fiber optics technology multimode fiber is used for signal transmission over short distances. In multimode fiber light waves are dispersed into numerous paths as they travel through the cable’s core. Compare with singlemode fiber.

  • multipartite virus

    (mul´tē-pär´´tīt vī´rus) (n.) Also called a multi-part virus, a virus that attempts to attack both the boot sector and the executable, or program, files at the same time. When the virus attaches to the boot sector, it will in turn affect the system��s files, and when the virus attaches to the files, it will in […]

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